Bringing the world of live streaming and digital entertainment to web3, for everyone.

The YouTube of web3

Live streaming, sports, TV, radio, esports and online entertainment is now a social experience as Bolt+ brings your favourite content into the world of web3.

Audiences and content creators can connect with each other in a whole new way through Bolt+. Get in on the ground floor of web3 entertainment. Whether you’re a viewer or a creator, Bolt+ is the new standard for entertainment content online. Powered by the blockchain and enhanced by crypto; it’s the YouTube of web3, and is as easy to use as Twitter.

Stream without limits, and engage with creators on the next generation of streaming entertainment.

Bolt+ Features

  • Send virtual gifts and tips, using crypto currency through Binance Pay.

  • Content creators keep 95% of their earnings, and can cash out immediately.

  • No knowledge of blockchain or crypto needed. The perfect entry point for crypto newcomers.

  • Hundreds of channels covering football, cricket, news, game streaming, sport, wildlife, esports, radio, music, exclusive content and more; all free.

  • Real-time live chat with your favourite streamers and content creators.

Content Creators on Bolt+

Bolt+ has democratised content creation and brought web3 within the reach of everyone. You can start streaming and earning immediately, with multiple revenue options available.

  • You keep 95% of the donations and gifts you receive.

  • It’s non-exclusive, so stream on Bolt+ and anywhere else you want.

  • Gifts and tips are sent securely, for free, using Binance Pay. Earnings are yours instantly, and you can cash out any time, for any amount.

  • Connect directly with your audience and grow your own loyal community.

  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Fully integrated with the Bolt+ smart TV app.

  • Premium content for NFT holders.

  • Powerful new features being added all the time. The platform is growing as fast as web3.

Bolt+ FAQs

Can I use BOLT+ in my web browser?

Yep. BOLT+ is available on the web by visiting app.boltplus.tv on your computer. It’s also available from a mobile browser through a responsive web app.

Are there any BOLT+ apps?

You can download the free BOLT+ mobile applications on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Updates are due any time now to bring the apps’ features fully inline with the desktop experience.

Can I watch BOLT+ content on my smart TV?

You can. A BOLT+ app is available for TVs that use the VIDAA operating system, such as Hisense smart TVs.

How do I log in to BOLT+?

BOLT+ offers several options for registering and logging in. You can sign up using an email address and a password. The email must be verified before you can log in. You can also use Apple or Google login options.

BOLT+ even lets you sign up by connecting a web3 enabled wallet such as MetaMask, BoltX Wallet or any other WalletConnect compatible app.

It’s completely free to sign up, but you can’t view any of the BOLT+ content until you log in.

Can I run my own live stream on BOLT+?

Everyone can live stream directly from BOLT+, yes. Details on how to apply to become a streamer can be found here. It’s completely free to stream, and you can earn as you do it.

Can I use third-party tools to stream on Bolt+?

You can indeed. OBS is a great option, as is StreamYard and Restream. Any tools or services that can connect via RTMP can be used to stream on Bolt+. And more options are coming soon.

Can I earn by streaming on Bolt+?

There are some really exciting revenue options available through Bolt+. Firstly, your audience can send you tips and virtual gifts via Binance Pay. This means you receive their donations immediately, and you can cash out at any time and for any amount.

Do I need a certain number of followers before I can earn on Bolt+?

No, you can start earning straight away from day one, and build your following as you go.

Is there a minimum I have to earn before I can withdraw my earnings?

Nope. You can withdraw your earnings at any time, and for any amount.

On other web2 platforms, bank charges and the lack of an integrated wallet system means creators have to accumulate a minimum amount (eg. $100) before they can withdraw their earnings. BOLT+ solves this by working with regulated cash gateways and enabling creators to receive their earnings directly into their Binance wallet.

Are there any fees when earning on Bolt+?

Bolt+ takes a small percentage of donations made to your live streams; only 5%. The rest is all yours. Other streaming platforms take as much as 50%, while others don’t pay at all even though they are monetizing the content you create.

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