Bringing the world of live streaming and digital entertainment to web3, for everyone.
Bolt+. The YouTube of web3

The YouTube of web3

Live streaming, sports, TV, radio, esports and online entertainment is now a social experience as Bolt+ brings your favourite content into the world of web3.
Audiences and content creators can connect with each other in a whole new way through Bolt+. Get in on the ground floor of web3 entertainment. Whether you’re a viewer or a creator, Bolt+ is the new standard for entertainment content online. Powered by the blockchain and enhanced by crypto; it’s the YouTube of web3, and is as easy to use as Twitter.
Stream without limits, and engage with creators on the next generation of streaming entertainment.

Bolt+ Features

  • Send virtual gifts and tips, using crypto currency through Binance Pay.
  • Content creators keep 95% of their earnings, and can cash out immediately.
  • No knowledge of blockchain or crypto needed. The perfect entry point for crypto newcomers.
  • Hundreds of channels covering football, cricket, news, game streaming, sport, wildlife, esports, radio, music, exclusive content and more; all free.
  • Real-time live chat with your favourite streamers and content creators.

Content Creators on Bolt+

Bolt+ has democratised content creation and brought web3 within the reach of everyone. You can start streaming and earning immediately, with multiple revenue options available.
  • You keep 95% of the donations and gifts you receive.
  • It’s non-exclusive, so stream on Bolt+ and anywhere else you want.
  • Gifts and tips are sent securely, for free, using Binance Pay. Earnings are yours instantly, and you can cash out any time, for any amount.
  • Connect directly with your audience and grow your own loyal community.
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Fully integrated with the Bolt+ smart TV app.
  • Premium content for NFT holders.
  • Powerful new features being added all the time. The platform is growing as fast as web3.

Bolt+ FAQs

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