BOLT Ecosystem
⚠️ Work In Progress ⚠️ More questions about our ecosystem and how we can work with you

Ecosystem FAQs

1️⃣⚡️What does your partner ecosystem look like?⚡️

Blockchain partners, telcos, hardware manufacturers, creators, brands and advertisers come together to form a cohesive BOLT ecosystem.
For more information, please visit our partners page.

2️⃣⚡️Who are your title partners?⚡️

Title partners include Zilliqa, HiSense, Prudential, MTN South Africa, BLAST TV, and Dugout.

3️⃣⚡️How do you work with TV networks/broadcasters?⚡️

We work with leading broadcasters globally to implement incentivised engagement programs for their users, and new revenue streams for broadcasters.

4️⃣⚡️How do you work with telco networks?⚡️

We work with telcos by bringing the BOLT+ app to mobile users globally - bringing users quality content from across the globe.

5️⃣⚡️How do you work with independent streamers?⚡️

BOLT provides a platform for independent content creators, empowering them to be their best creative selves while building an audience with incentives verified through the blockchain.

6️⃣⚡️How can I enquire about partnership opportunities?⚡️

Head on over to bolt.global and register your interest - alternatively, drop an inquiry at this link.